Ten Day Water Environment Curriculum

The IWEA has developed a curriculum for studying our water environment.  Read our mission statement or use the links following it to learn more about the program.  

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Mission Statement:
The Illinois Water Environment Association (IWEA), a member association of the 41,000 member Water Environment Federation (WEF), has created a comprehensive curriculum on the water cycle, wastewater treatment, and the relevance of our water environment. We are highlighting the importance of teaching the concepts related to the preservation of water.

Our primary objectives include presenting our Water Environment Curriculum to students in the 5th through 10th grades, working with teaching professionals who can sustain this program into the future, and integrating the classroom instruction with a site visit to a water filtration and/or wastewater treatment facility. An important aspect of our curriculum is the involvement of students; we believe in hands-on experiments, field ecological studies, and participative classroom demonstrations. We are committed to the advancement of science and education, disseminating technical information, increasing public awareness, and promoting sound public policy in the water quality and water resources fields.

A secondary objective is to rekindle the student's interest in science and the environment. Only through a good understanding of the issues facing the continuation of a healthy water environment can today's students become the knowledgeable citizens of tomorrow. The preservation of our world and its resources can only be accomplished if each generation does its part to solve today's problems and not leave them for someone in the future.

The IWEA intends to instruct our students on the principles necessary to insure abundant supplies of safe water, thus mitigating the dregs of pollution and misuse. We simply wish to plant the seeds for the preservation of our water environment. Our program provides detailed classroom instruction on nine water related topics, suggested field and laboratory demonstrations, and facilitates a culminating field trip to a water or wastewater treatment facility.